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"Great leaders utilize empathy, strategy and authenticity to drive results,
empower teams and transform communities." 

                                                                                                                            -Ericka Plater


Business Growth

GroundWell provides customized, thoughtful strategies to build and transform leaders, teams, culture and organizations. Whether you want to transform your team culture to one focused on performance, strong communication and collective service to the goals of the organization or if you are ready to transform your organization through strategic planning, organization development, governance redesign or designing your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we has the skills, knowledge and expertise to drive results. 


Starting her career as an office manager and climbing the ladder to Executive Director, Ericka is experienced in business and nonprofit development, governance, strategic planning, strengthening teams, building leaders and redesigning culture. She started by leading small teams, volunteer work groups and task forces. Through her career, she learned the importance adaptation, relationships, listening, preparation, advocacy for self and others, versatility of perspective, vision and failure. Her experiences strengthened her skills in conflict resolution, business and program development, rebuilding organizations and culture, and diplomacy. She is a 25+ year executive leader that now consults organizations in these areas.   



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